Best Product Photography Studio & Photographers In Toronto

To select the best, we looked at their work experience and the images they posted on Instagram and the site.

We have done all that you would expect.

Each studio and photographer on this list in Toronto, Canada, is THE BEST. Each studio has its style, niche expertise, and specialization.

Now it’s time to choose the right fit for your style and store.

Let’s get straight to what you need without further ado.

Steph Martinyniuk ranks among the top product photographers in Toronto. Stephy Martyniuk’s photographs are perfect for any shoot, whether product photography, eCommerce, or editorial.

One can see different styles of photography in the images. The entire image is designed to draw the viewer’s attention.

Steph has worked for some of the industry’s most well-known names, including Rainbo SIDIA, Toys R Us, Netflix, The New York, and others.

Nicholas Merzetti

Nicholas Merzetti is a creative and fashion photographer.

Nicholas, a Toronto-based product photographer, has a wealth of experience in food photography, fashion photography, and advertising campaigns.

Nicholas has worked for brands such as A Bathing Ape, Real Sports Apparel, Peace Collective Vice Vogue, and many more.

Paul Chmielowiec

Paul Chmielowiec is a professional product photographer–specializing in beauty photography. The images show the correct use of colors and lights.

These images are very luxurious and high-quality, grabbing attention immediately. Paul has used these skills to work with brands like Bluboho and The Dessy Group.


Style Photo is one of the top product photography studios located in Toronto. The team has a wealth of experience and can offer various photography services, including fashion photography, mannequin photos, flat-lay, etc.

The company also offers services such as 360deg Photography and NFT Projects. This makes them a long-term partner for any online business.

StylePhotos is recommended by Puma, Kate Austin, Philips Anita Canadian Tribe, and many other top brands.

Ryan Fotografie

Ryan works as a commercial and fashion photographer in Toronto. He is an expert in high-quality fashion and commercial photography.

In his portfolio, you’ll see everything from editorials and full-model shots to headshots. Ryan has worked for brands such as Anita Norris Pink, IMG Models RED NYC Ford Models, and many more.

SKU Studio

SKU Studio Canada is a professional product photography studio based in Toronto that has won awards for its work. Tanvi is the founder of SKU Studio Canada. She has a degree in Advertising and Communication and over ten years of experience.

The studio has much experience working with top brands, such as BullDog Skin Care, Highlife Toby Ace Rakuten, and more. The studio has worked with brands such as BullDog Skin Care and Highlife.

Caleb Cudjoe Photograph

Caleb has experience in photographing a variety of products. The work is dominated by high-quality luxury goods, fashion accessories, and fashion model portraits.

Caleb is a professional photographer with extensive experience in luxury fashion.

The conclusion of the article is:

The list below includes the best product photographers and studios in Toronto. You can use this list to find the best talent.

They have all worked professionally, and some have even had the opportunity to work with leading brands. We encourage you to look at their work. This list will help you choose the right photographer for your online shop.

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