Product Photographers & Studios in LA

Los Angeles (Los Angeles) is a very competitive city for product photography. It gives eCommerce a lot of options. On the other hand, finding the best photographers and product photography studios can be challenging.

By browsing this list, you can find the best product photographers and studios in LA.

These 12 professionals have worked with brands for years. Rest assured that professionals will handle your product photography.

Space & Light, eCommerce Photography Studio, is a one-stop solution for fashion and product photography.

Space and Light have over 18 years of experience in the business and with more than 150 brands and retailers. They provide creative photography services for your eCommerce brand.

Space And Light Photography studio have featured some of its clients at Nordstrom, Lulu Lemon, Just USA, and other retailers.

Square shot

Squareshot was founded in 2017 and has become a favorite in the industry. They have studios located in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Austin.

Photographers specializing in product photography include those working across various niches, including clothing, beauty products, shoes, bags and accessories, jewelry, and watches.

With a 98% approval rate, they work with over 2500 brands, including Christos Whoop Brain Dead Throne Watches.

Eight working days is a long time to deliver quality work.

Rare Studios Los Angeles is a successful e-commerce photo studio. The only thing you can find online about Rare Studio is that they focus on high quality and quick turnaround times.

You will see the results of their work. Rare Studios has an extensive portfolio of images that shows their work. They are one of the best studios for product photography in LA.

Some of the most popular brands include Adidas, Resolve, and Volvo.

Hyper Black Studio

Hyper Black Studio in Los Angeles is a product and lifestyle photography studio. They offer three types of photography services: product photography, campaign photography, and lookbook & marketing.

Hyper Black is one of the most creative studios in LA. They have worked with brands like Stetson and Taylor Stitch. You can also be confident that the team handles your products professionally if you look at their work.

Key Light Studio

Essential Light Studio Keegan Kruse is the next studio and photographer on the list.

You can find everything you need to know about photography for your eCommerce here, from white background product photos to editorial models.

Studio has worked on brands such as N.HALE Jo Jo’s Heart Apparel, Chris Bella, and Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts.

Kelly Robyn

Kelly Robyn has extensive experience as an art director and photographer in the beauty and lifestyle niche. Kelly Robyn’s portfolio has a lot of color and style.

As a creative professional photographer for eCommerce, every detail is perfect.

Kelly has worked for brands such as Ulta Beauty and Saks Fifth Avenue. She also worked with Net-A-Porter Nordstrom, Vogue, and other leading brands.

Mike Azria

Mike Azria has extensive experience as a product photographer in LA. He also has a background in fashion photography. You can also find editorial photography services to showcase the product in magazines, lookbooks, and banners.

Mike Azria worked with many fantastic fashion brands, including Prosperity Denim and Avec Les Filles. Christina Lehr is another.

Mariela Mejia

Mariela Méjia a creative director in LA and a photographer who is one of the best eCommerce photographers. When we look at her work, we see a variety of lookbooks that feature editorial and ecommerce photographs. The products and models are presented in a very creative and professional way.

Damion Lloyd

Damion Lloyd is a photography service that offers a wide range of services to eCommerce. The service can deliver everything from flat-lay product photography to professional editorial photos.

Damion Lloyd worked with many notable brands, including Nocta Playboy and Telly Honey Love Amiri.

Adam Rindy

Adam Rindy has extensive experience as a fashion photographer, particularly in editorials. Adam Rindy is the perfect choice for your commercial photography needs, including advertising.

Adam has worked for many clients, including Marc Jacob, Adidas Puma Guess, K-Swiss Gymshark, and more.

Busken Studio

Busken Studio Stephen Busken provides eCommerce photography services in LA, including editorial, eCommerce, celebrity, and product photography.

Stephen’s passion for his art is evident in his work on this site. His work has also been featured in Vanity Fair, GQ Vogue Architectural Digest, and AD Week.

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Willians has been a photographer in LA for over ten years. She has worked with various clients, including some of the biggest names in fashion. Her website features a wide range of work, from beauty photography to fashion.

Brand Development, Model Castings, Moodboard Creations, Photography Lookbook, and Campaign Creation are all included in our services.

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These are the 12 best studios to work with for creative and professional eCommerce product photography. These studios and photographers can help you if you’re looking for eCommerce photography services in LA. These studios and photographers have the creativity and experience to produce what you need.

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