How can you create images of products that will drive sales and traffic?

Why is it essential to have product images that are consistent and clean?

There is some good news. The time and resources you spend on product photography and photo editing can be used for multiple purposes.

Your product images will help you increase website traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Learn seven ways to optimize and use your product images for increased traffic and sales.

Let’s look at why product images are essential if you want to start an online store.

Why do you need high-quality images for your eCommerce?

For customers, ecommerce is a digital platform allowing them to buy products from anywhere globally.

The challenge is that you may need help understanding the product and making a decision based on your lack of understanding.

It is essential to create product images that will drive sales and traffic to reduce the fear of customers.

These images allow a customer to look at the product more efficiently, interact with it, and make a better purchasing decision.

Various studies and surveys have confirmed the importance of product image. The most notable are:

  • According to Google, 67% of consumers rated product photos as the most critical factor.
  • Bigcommerce reports that high-quality images of products lead to a 14% rise in revenue overall and a 9 percent increase in conversion rates.
  • MDG Advertising claims that using multiple images of products leads to a 2000% increase in conversion rates.

Based on the studies below and many others, we can all agree that your product’s image is essential.

Product images can inform customers about a product in various ways. They can tell them how it looks or if it is helpful to them.

How can eCommerce provide this level of customer service?

How can you create images for your online store to drive traffic and sales? Let’s get started.

The perception of a product is one of the critical factors that drive traffic and sales.

Your customers will want to view the product in the same way that they do when shopping.

If you have noticed, eCommerce sites that sell activewear often feature models wearing the products and exercising. Luxury brands, on the other hand, prefer models to stand still.

Streetwear models will also pose in different ways, while they usually stand upright for maternity clothes.

Understanding people’s perceptions is the first step to creating product images that drive sales.

Doing thorough customer research is the best way to find out. When you understand your target audience, everything will be easier to define, from the images’ backgrounds to the poses for your model.

Remove unwanted distraction

A distracting background can be an unorganized background, poor lighting, a mark on the product, or dust in the environment. Distractions are any unwanted elements that interfere with the user’s experience.

To photograph eCommerce products, it is essential to have the product clean, use the proper lighting, avoid dust and spots, and take the shot properly.

Your photo-editing service will now take over. They will make sure that all distractions discussed are removed.

Expert retouchers will also ensure that your colors are presented well and make your products more appealing. This will help your customers to have a positive experience at your store.

Give room for engagement.

It means leaving a noticeable negative space around the item rather than filling up the entire frame.

Customers need to see the entire product. If the product is framed in its entirety, it can be difficult to tell if a part has been cropped.

Ensure that you follow the specific cropping and margins when creating product images.

Comparing two products is easier when you know the exact ratios of cropping and margins.

The product dimensions and appearance can be better understood, and they will make better purchasing decisions.

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